Saturday – Dressage, By Chance? & Sunday – Dressage, By Chance? 2

July 31st and August 1st – 2021

Two Shows, Two Days, Two Times Better!
Offering Introductory through Grand Prix both Shows
OPEN: June 19 —-  CLOSE: July 19
Compete with your peers! Adult Amateurs and Junior/Young Riders will be separated from Professionals.
Musical Freestyle Challenge is TBD for 2021!!!

2020 Saturday – ResultsHigh Scores

2020 Sunday – ResultsHigh Scores

Dressage, By Chance COVID Policy




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MFS Challenge
  • Margaret Freeman (S, NC)
  • Melonie Kessler (S, OR) 
  • Technical Delegate: Robyn Nunnally (r, VA)
  • Show Manager: Michele Wellman
  • Show/Entry Secretary: Leslie Raulin
  • Veterinarian: South Mountain Equine (on call)
  • Farrier: Doug Anderson, CF (on call)
  • Announcer: Bill Wolfe


Dressage, By Chance? is now TJCTIP Approved!!!
If you own a Thoroughbred, register with TIP and you can win one of the awards listed below!

For more information about The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program visit their website at


  • Ribbons through 6th
  • High Score Awards for Intro, Training, First, Second, Third, Fourth, PSG and FEI (I&GP)
  • High Score and Reserve Rider Awards for AA, Jr/YR and Pro
  • $100 to the High Score Adult Amateur
  • Special Awards to be announced for Adult Amateur classes
  • TBD – Saturday Musical Freestyle Challenge – $1000 Prize Money – Details in prize list
  • TIP High Score Awards at Intro, Training, First, Second thru Fourth, FEI and MFS
  • TIP Overall High Scores Award

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  • Exhalt Farm – Third Level Sponsor
  • Kelli Kulnich – High Score Sponsor
  • Elisabeth Yeager – Class Sponsor
  • Donna Gatchell Dressage – Class Sponsor
  • Nicholas and Pat Artimovich – Class Sponsor


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