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Michele Wellman

Michele teaches both dressage and jumping lessons – specializing on the basics. She believes that a solid foundation is the key to success in any discipline. Her methodology has garnered her students success across many disciplines including dressage, eventing, jumpers, hunters and some western at the local and recognized levels. She always supports the rider’s goals, whether it be to show successfully or just to become a better rider. Michele sincerely enjoys the process of teaching and training a better horse and rider combination.

Michele has also trained a number of horses up through the levels of dressage and lower levels of eventing, giving them a solid foundation from which to build upon. Many of her past training horses have gone on to show their new owners the ropes in dressage and eventing. Several have even competed through the CCI* level of eventing. One common theme with every horse Michele has or has had in training is that the horse understands the job and is solid performing the work.

If you or your horse need help building a solid foundation, Michele can help with any combination of lessons and training at very competitive rates. Inquire for availability through our Contact page.

Michele is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist and evented through the Preliminary level. She is also a USEA ECP Level III (Preliminary/CCI*) certified instructor.


Cavaletti Lessons

By Chance Farm offers group cavaletti lessons on a monthly basis in the spring, summer and fall. During the winter months they are bi-monthly to offer variety during the dreary weather. These lessons are geared toward learning better balance, improving gait quality and rider posture and enhancing horse/rider communication for all riders across many disciplines. No matter what your focus, these lessons can help you and your horse!

Groups are limited to 4 or 5 riders and generally run one hour. During the warmer months exercises will be set up outside, while in the winter and during inclement weather the set up is in our indoor arena. The cost is $50 per horse/rider combination. We ask that riders sign up by the Sunday before the scheduled lesson day. Please sign up by emailing Your sign up will be confirmed via email.

2024 Dates

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