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By Chance Farm offers quality boarding approved by the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Our Assistant Barn Manager lives on the premises and oversees the daily care of the horses throughout the week. Our staff provide supervision of the horses in our care throughout the day and during the late evening hours. With our expert staff and fabulous maintenance crew, we offer top-notch care for you and your horse.

Boarding your horse at By Chance Farm includes:

  • 12 x 12 matted box stalls, cleaned daily with sawdust bedding
  • Nelson automatic waterers in each stall and field
  • Feeding up to 4x daily with administration of supplements and medications
  • Free choice high-quality Timothy and Orchard grass hay
  • High-quality Timothy and Orchard grass round bales in the winter months
  • Daily turnout (day turnout in winter, night turnout in summer)
  • Small turnout groups of 3-6 horses (semi and private turnout available)
  • Specialized deworming program
  • Fans on each stall in the summer months
  • Solitude IGR feed through fly control
  • Blanketing in the winter/Fly sheets in the summer
  • Personalized care from knowledgeable staff

Current Rates (as of 1/1/2024)
Full Board – $720/mo
Private/Semi-Private Turnout – $755/mo
Upper Barn Board – $535/mo
Outside Barn Board – $535/mo
Field Board – $430/mo
All board options are subject to availability. Please inquire!
Trailer-In Ring Fee – $20

About By Chance Farm

By Chance Farm is a quality boarding and training facility on 111 acres in Frederick County, MD. Established in 2002 by Charlene Cherry and Michele Wellman, By Chance Farm was purchased with hopes to expand it and have a safe and wonderful home for their horses.

Throughout the years, the property has been expanded and upgraded to ensure the highest quality care and facilities for our equine and human clients. We value our boarders, their thoughts and their horses, so many of the upgrades and changes we have performed over the years are a direct result of feedback about our services.

We look forward to offering exceptional boarding for many more years to come and look forward to having you visit our facility. Please peruse our website, get to know us and contact us if you have any questions.

Deworming Program

All horses at By Chance Farm are dewormed according to our specialized deworming program. Under the recommendation of our routine care vet, South Mountain Equine, we follow the less is more approach.

All horses receive deworming only as necessary based on routine fecal sampling. We understand that some horses travel to other facilities and may pick up parasites while away from home. Typically if one horse in a turnout group has a positive egg count, we will deworm that entire group.

In early March we perform a routine fecal on each horse. Owners are responsible for the cost of the fecal testing. After the fecal tests are performed each horse will get a dose of Moxidectin. Results of each individual fecal test will determine treatment plans for that horse throughout the year. We use guidelines provided by South Mountain in order to tailor our deworming to individual horses.

By following this specialized deworming program, we only treat the horses that need to be treated. This strategic use of dewormers helps to slow the development of parasite resistance and reduces unnecessary treatments with dewormers.

Fly Control with Solitude IGR

Over the years we have tried many methods of fly controls including sprays, manure removal and fly predators. We have found that while these methods are somewhat effective in the barn area, they lack in effectiveness farm-wide. Additionally, they are prone to variation in success due to the insect population any given year. In an effort to offer a more broad spectrum solution, By Chance Farm uses Solitude IGR feed through fly control.

Solitude IGR is a veterinary recommended and tested feed through which renders horse manure uninhabitable for fly larvae. It also has the smallest dosage of any feed through fly control product on the market which helps reduce any interruption in horse diet.

Solitude IGR is not only effective in the barn area, but the fields as well. Our research has shown that farms/barns that use Solitude IGR have little to no fly population in the barn area and reduced population in the fields. These farms have also noticed a significant decrease in allergies and sickness in their horses. (This is not a proven or advertised result of using Solitude IGR) Every horse that boards at By Chance Farm is fed Solitude IGR according to the recommended dosage (1/2 ounce per day) between the mid-March to mid-October time frame to ensure complete and total effectiveness.

For more information about Solitude IGR please visit the following link: SOLITUDE IGR.

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