What is “Dressage, By Chance?”

By Chance Farm, LLC is proud to announce approval to host two one-day United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Recognized and United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Licensed Dressage Competitions on August 6 and 7, 2016. Only a few of these competitions exist within a one hour drive of our facility in Union Bridge, MD. “Dressage, By Chance?” is now one of a select number of competition choices for the over 1500 dressage competitors in the Central Maryland, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania and Eastern West Virginia region. Based on this fact alone, the expected draw for a full day of competition in two arenas is over 60 horses and riders. Increasing the draw, the show also offers qualifying classes for both the Colonel Bengt Ljungquist Memorial Championships as well as the USDF Region 1 Championships at Training level through the FEI Grand Prix level. As a USDF/USEF competition, the show also gains nationwide acknowledgement through both organizations.

Why is “Dressage, By Chance?” Different?

“Dressage, By Chance?” stands apart from other local competitions in two ways. First, most competitions do not offer special classes for Adult Amateurs, pitting weekend warriors, the backbone of the sport, against professional riders who show for a living. This competition offers separate classes for Adult Amateurs so they can compete against one another on a more level playing field. Super prizes will be awarded to the winners of each of the Adult Amateur classes, staying true to the By Chance Farm show motto of “Win More Than a Ribbon”! Second, the competition is holding a Musical Freestyle Challenge which will offer Open, Junior and Adult Amateur classes. Great prizes will also go to the winners of each of these classes.

Our Goal

Easy. Fun. Adult Amateur Friendly. Promote Musical Freestyles.

Entering a licensed competition can be incredibly daunting. It’s expensive, the forms are complicated and there are associations that entrants are required to join, or pay non-member fees per show. Offering Opportunity Classes will help those competitors new to showing save a little money but get the experience of a licensed show environment. Great prizes and competition on a level playing field make a show fun for everyone. Knowing that, when they enter, classes will ensure peer to peer competition, helps relieve some of the competition stress, creating a fun and pleasant show. Musical Freestyles are a small portion of the lower level show atmosphere. Hosting a challenge class encourages and promotes the art of freestyle riding to music. Offering separate classes allows competitors to again compete against their peers while showing off their creativity and artistry.

How You Can Help

All great things start off small, and this is why we need your help! We are looking for sponsors for the Adult Amateur and Musical Freestyle Challenge classes. Your sponsorship will help us offer fabulous prizes and a great experience in 2016, helping us grow and become one of the destination shows in our area. Class sponsorships are requested at $25 per class for USDF classes and $30 per class for FEI classes. Level or High Score Award sponsorships are $150 per level or award. New for 2016, we are offering a Ring Sponsorship. Each ring will be named for the sponsor each day. These sponsorships start at $300. Sponsorships of cash or product in kind are appreciated.

Our Musical Freestyle Challenge will offer 2 USDF level classes, one for Adult Amateurs and one for Professionals as well as an FEI class. The total prize money offered will be $1000! Musical freestyle class sponsorships are $250 for USDF level classes and $500 for the FEI class. Additionally we are offering a Musical Freestyle Title sponsorship at $750.

We hope you will consider helping us to start something great for Adult Amateurs, Musical Freestyles and the sport of dressage in the Frederick, Maryland area by sponsoring a class at “Dressage, By Chance?”.

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