Our Team

Javier Rogue

Javier and his wife, Mari, provide superb stall cleaning services at By Chance Farm. They are quick, efficient and reliable. We could not live without them!

Charlie Russell

Charlie is the world’s best maintenance man! Charlie keeps our fencing and grounds looking fabulous year round. His daughter used to board her retired gelding, Major, with us. In fact, until she moved him to her own place in 2012, Major was our farm mascot having lived at the farm the longest. We miss Major, but we are very fortunate to have his Granddad around to keep the farm looking in top shape!

Katy Gates

Katy has also been a long time friend and boarder. She and her horse Gizmo have lived on and off at By Chance throughout the last 6 years while Katy finished high school and attended college. Katy currently boards Gizmo with us and works a little on the weekends and helping fill a shift when needed.

Trey and Jodi DeRaimo

Trey and his mom Jodi are an integral part of our weekend farm operations. They take care of the horses on Saturday all day and Sunday mornings. Trey performs arena maintenance and odd jobs on the weekends as needed. Both Trey and Jodi have a great sense of humor, excellent horse sense and bring a lot of fun to our weekend operations. Trey is not only an employee, but also a boarder, keeping his OTTB gelding, Wally, at the farm.

Kim and Ceileigh Engelke

Kim and Ceileigh are a great asset to By Chance Farm. They perform odd jobs throughout the week that help keep our facility looking clean, neat and top notch. They also step in as needed to help with horse care and anything else that might pop up. We are grateful and happy to have them and their horses, Tempest, Hilde and Ngaire at the farm.