FADS at By Chance Farm Dressage Schooling Show Series
Offering Stakes Classes – Win More than a Ribbon!









2023 FADS Show Calendar

Series Show #1 – March 26 – Judge: Donna Gatchell (L) – Aviva Nebesky (L)

Series Show #2 – April 15 – Judges: Peggy Pariso (r) – Joanna Gray-Randle (L)

Series Show #3 – May 7 – Judges: Angi Voss (r) – Carolyn Jackson (L)

Series Show #4 – June 17 – Judges: Wanja Gerlach (L) – Evelyn Martin (L)

Series Show #5 – July 9 – Judges: Jenna Brown (L) – Aviva Nebesky (L)

Series Show #6 – August 19 – Judges: Jessie Ginsburg (r) – Carolyn Jackson (L)

Series Show #7 – September 24 – Judges: Annmari Ingersoll (L) – Wanja Gerlach (L)

Series Show #8 – October 29 – Judges: Donna Gatchell (L) – Evelyn Martin (L)
Show #8 is A Benefit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Class Offerings: *Dressage, Eventing, Western, Gaited*

  1. USDF Intro TOC
  2. USEF Training Level TOC
  3. USEF First Level TOC
  4. USEF Second Level TOC
  5. USEF Third Level TOC
  6. USEF Fourth Level TOC
  7. FEI TOC
  9. USEF Western
  10. Gaited Dressage TOC


VADA/NOVA Partner Shows

Our shows are VADA/NOVA Partner shows.  Members scores will be included in year end awards programs.  In 2023, the October 29 schooling show is not part of the VADA/NOVA Partner show series.


USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards Program

Our shows are now USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards Program Participating Competitions! Click Here for more information!


Rules and Entry Information:

  1. Classes may be combined or split at manager’s discretion. (Stakes classes will only be combined with other Stakes classes)
  2. 2022 USEA Eventing Tests, 2023 USDF/USEF (2022 Western Dressage) Tests and Current FEI Tests will be used. Gaited entrants must provide a copy of the test with entry.
  3. Introductory Level (USDF and Western Dressage) and USEA tests that can be ridden in a small arena, will be ridden in a small (20m X 40m) arena.
  4. Casual attire. All humans must wear ASTM/SEI approved helmets while mounted.
  5. Ride times will be posted on the Frederick Dressage Website by the Thursday before the show.
  6. Entry Fees:
    • Classes 1-10: $32 per ride
    • Stakes Upgrade: $10 per ride
  7. Prizes: Ribbons awarded through 6th place.
  8. Stakes Classes are guaranteed to pay through 4th place.  If entries warrant, more places will pay out.  Money added for all Stakes Classes courtesy of our Sponsors. Payout: 1st – 40%, 2nd – 30%, 3rd – 20%, 4th – 10%
  9. In the case of over subscription, please note first choice of test/class on entry form.
  10. Scratches before the closing date – full refund. No refunds after the closing date unless entry can be filled from a wait list. Entries must be received by the closing date. Show held rain or shine. $35 fee assessed for all returned checks.
  11. Tests can be mailed at no charge.  Ribbons incur a $5 (1-2 ribbons) fee to be mailed.


What is a Stakes Class?

People often complain that in dressage there’s no way to win back your entry fees. Well, now there is! We are offering Stakes/Money classes for a $10 upgrade to your standard entry fee per test. Stakes class entrants can will part of the “POT” of money which is accrued from upgrade fees as well as Sponsor contributions. Some of our past winners have taken home more than $100 a show!
Stakes Classes are guaranteed to pay through 4th place.  If entries warrant, more places will pay out.  Money added for all Stakes Classes courtesy of our Sponsors.
1st – 40%
2nd – 30%
3rd – 20%
4th – 10%

Instructor Recognition Program!!

In an effort to recognize our local trainers and instructors we instituted an instructor recognition program in 2018. This award will continue each year! All 8 schooling shows and our licensed show will count toward the year end awards. Visit our Instructor Recognition Program page for details!


We Need You! Volunteer and Earn Rewards!

Volunteer for one of our shows and you can earn your choice of a $32 entry to one of our FADS shows OR 1 passes to school at the farm using our indoor, dressage ring, jumps and trails, a $20 value! Of course, don’t forget the fabulous food we’ll feed you and all the fun you’ll have supporting our shows! Get more information on our Volunteer page.

Online Payments Information

Online payments are available through SquareUp.com. Select the appropriate test and choose between the regular class or the Stakes, Money class. All prices include a small convenience fee for using your credit card. Please include your name, horses name and special instructions in the notes section and mail your coggins test and signed entry form to the address indicated on the prize list. Thanks!

Our Schooling Shows are a proud part of the Frederick Area Dressage Shows.
For more shows in the FADS series and year end award information, please
visit www.frederickdressage.org.