By Chance Farm welcomes all trainers with a current liability insurance policy. Below is a small sample of trainers who frequent our facility for our clients.

Janna Dyer of Dark Horse Dressage

Janna is a USDF Gold medalist who has brought numerous horses and riders up the ranks into the Grand Prix Dressage arena. She has been USDF Region 1 Champion multiple times at the FEI levels. Janna works with riders of all levels and ages. She currently competes her stallion, Prezent, at the Grand Prix level.

Katherine Mashbir of KLM Dressage

Katherine is a USDF Gold medalist who has brought numerous horses up through the FEI levels. She teaches all levels of horse and rider and offers training services for your horse. She has two horses she currently competes, one at Fourth level and one at Prix. St. Georges and one up and coming youngster.

Michele Wellman

Michele teaches both dressage and jumping lessons, specializing on the basics. She is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist and evented through the Preliminary level. Michele has trained a number of horses up through the lower levels of dressage and eventing, giving them a solid foundation from which to build upon. Her current students are successfully competing in lower level dressage and up through the Preliminary level of eventing. She is also a USEA ICP Level II certified instructor.

Lesson Time!

Lesson Time!