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Instructor Recognition Program

2018 was the first year for the By Chance Dressage Series Instructor Recognition Program. Thank you to Carolyn Mackintosh at Loch Moy Farm and the Maryland Horse Trials for allowing us to model our program after their successful venture! This program is meant to recognize our area instructors and coaches who help their students achieve success and we hope other organizations will follow suit!

Instructors and coaches with the highest point tally at the end of the season will be awarded monetary recognition. Points are earned by students at each of the By Chance Farm schooling shows and the Dressage, By Chance? licensed show throughout each season. At the end of the season we will tally the points and recognize the winners!


  • The instructor/coach must exhibit positive leadership, good sportsmanship and demonstrate a supportive attitude towards all competitors, volunteers, judges, officials, show management and staff. Any infraction of the aforementioned qualities will lead to the instructor/coach’s immediate disqualification*.
  • Instructors/coaches must notify By Chance Farm in writing via email that they would like to participate in this program. Once they are registered, they are entered for the series. Only one instructor/coach may register with By Chance as the instructor/coach of a specific competitor.
  • The term “instructor/coach” refers to the one professional individual who is present and assisting a student competing at a By Chance Farm licensed or schooling show, whether that individual refers to him or herself as an instructor or as a coach. This individual is not a “trainer,” since a trainer is an individual who rides a client’s horse to exercise or school it. (A trainer is also the individual who is responsible for the care and control of the horse at a competition.)
  • Each Instructor/Coach is responsible for emailing us at with a list of riders competing at each show so that we may calculate their points. Reminder emails will be sent out but we would prefer the lists prior to the events. Please also have your students list you as their instructor on their entry form. There is a space for this on the FADS online entry.
  • Points can only be accrued for amateur riders only. No professional rider points will count towards this award.

*Instructors/Coaches must comply with all rules listed in order to be eligible for prize money

Points System

  • Score of 75% or higher – 10 points
  • 70-74% – 8 points
  • 65-69% – 6 points
  • 60-64% – 4 points
  • 55-59% – 2 points
  • below 55% – 1 point


Points will be combined for the 8 dressage schooling shows (March-October) and 4 licensed dressage shows:

$500 will be awarded to the instructor/coach earning the highest number of points
$250 will be awarded to the instructor/coach earning the second highest number of points
$125 will be awarded to the instructor/coach earning the third highest number of points

Winners will be notified after the conclusion of the show season.

2022 Winners!

First Place – Dawn Dougherty
Second Place – Shelby Piovoso
Third Place – Nicki Carson

2021 Winners!

First Place – Carlie Serif
Second Place – Tara McShane
Third Place – Katie Straton

2020 Winners!

First Place – Dawn Dougherty
Second Place – Meghan Truppner
Third Place – Tara McShane

2019 Winners!

First Place – Nicki Carson
Second Place – Abby Gibbon
Third Place – Siobhan Byrne

2018 Winners!

First Place – Abby Gibbon
Second Place – Nicki Carson
Third Place – Katie Straton
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