By Chance Farm

By Chance Farm offers 8 turnout areas totaling over 33 acres of pasture for our boarded horses. All of our fields are fenced using high quality oak sight boards and no climb wire. The fields are separated by 12-foot alleys to discourage horses from playing across the fence. This minimizes possible injury and increases the overall safety of our horses.

We take great care to maintain our fencing and regularly inspect it for potential problem areas. Our maintenance personnel routinely check for broken boards, popped nails and damaged wire as well as keep the fence lines free of unwanted growth and weeds.

Our pastures are maintained during the summer with regular mowing and routine application of horse-safe broad leaf weed killers to reduce the amount of high-sugar legumes. During the winter months we regularly feed high-quality round bales in the larger groups and square bales in the smaller groups.

All of our pastures have Nelson automatic waterers which are heated in the winter. We regularly clean and inspect the waterers to ensure proper function and cleanliness.

Available Turnout Areas

  • Six group turnout pastures ranging from 3 acres to just over 7 acres
  • One 2 acre Stallion paddock with hot wire
  • One small sacrifice paddock with limited grass
  • One rehabilitation paddock


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