By Chance Farm

Over the years we have tried many methods of fly controls including sprays, manure removal and fly predators. We have found that while these methods are somewhat effective in the barn area, they lack in effectiveness farm-wide. Additionally, they are prone to variation in success due to the insect population any given year. In an effort to offer a more broad spectrum solution, By Chance Farm uses Solitude IGR feed through fly control.

Solitude IGR is a veterinary recommended and tested feed through which renders horse manure uninhabitable for fly larvae. It also has the smallest dosage of any feed through fly control product on the market which helps reduce any interruption in horse diet.

Solitude IGR is not only effective in the barn area, but the fields as well. Our research has shown that farms/barns that use Solitude IGR have little to no fly population in the barn area and reduced population in the fields. These farms have also noticed a significant decrease in allergies and sickness in their horses. (This is not a proven or advertised result of using Solitude IGR) Every horse that boards at By Chance Farm is fed Solitude IGR according to the recommended dosage (1/2 ounce per day) between the mid-March to mid-October time frame to ensure complete and total effectiveness.

For more information about Solitude IGR please visit the following link: SOLITUDE IGR.

Photos courtesy of the Zoetis website

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