Wednesday April 26, 2023

Offering Introductory through Grand Prix plus Freestyle, Materiale and Young Horse classes

Compete with your peers! Adult Amateurs and Junior/Young Riders will be separated from Professionals.


Brian MacMahon (S, FL)
Anne Moss (R, PA)

Technical Delegate: Carol Lippa (r, PA)
Show Manager: Michele Wellman
Show/Entry Secretary: Leslie Raulin
Veterinarian: South Mountain Equine (on call)
Farrier: Doug Anderson, CF (on call)
Announcer: Bill Wolfe

First Chance at Dressage, By Chance? is now TJCTIP Approved!!!
If you own a Thoroughbred, register with TIP and you can win one of the awards listed below!

For more information about The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program visit their website at


  • Ribbons through 6th
  • High Score Awards at Intro, Training, First, Second, Third, Fourth, PSG and FEI (Int & GP)
  • High Score and Reserve Awards for Adult Amateur, Junior/Young Rider and Professional
  • TIP High Score Awards at Intro, Training, First, Second thru Fourth, FEI and MFS
  • TIP Overall High Scores Award

2022 Results
2022 High Scores