Deworming Program

All horses at By Chance Farm are dewormed according to our specialized deworming program. Under the recommendation of our routine care vet, Monocacy Equine Veterinary Associates, we follow the less is more approach.

All horses receive deworming only as necessary based on routine fecal sampling. We understand that some horses travel to other facilities and may pick up parasites while away from home. Typically if one horse in a turnout group has a positive egg count, we will deworm that entire group.

Deworming Schedule

  • February – Quest (all horses receive this dewormer)
  • June – Ivermectin (fecal counts less than 200epg will not be dewormed)
  • September – Panacur (fecal counts less than 200epg will not be dewormed)
  • November – Equimax or Zimectrin Gold (after first frost, all horses receive this dewormer)

By following this specialized deworming program, we only treat the horses that need to be treated. This strategic use of dewormers helps to slow the development of parasite resistance and reduces unnecessary treatments with dewormers.

For more information on our deworming program, please visit Monocacy Equine Veterinary Associates.