By Chance Farm

CaseynRoxieCasey Widener is the By Chance Farm Barn Manager. She performs the daily horse care and oversees the staff performing weekend shifts. Casey is an invaluable asset to By Chance. She is a super individual and we are extremely lucky to have found her. Her hard working attitude and infectious personality are a welcome addition to the farm.

Casey Widener has been riding and caring for horses for sixteen years. She started out riding basic balance seat and soon graduated to Hunters. By her teen years Casey was showing horses in Hunters, Jumpers, and Eventing. During high school she was lead Working Student at a very busy riding school in Maryland.

Casey has worked with horses all over the country. From California to New York, Florida, North Carolina, and in Virginia where she not was not only barn manager, but taught lessons to a camp of thirty children.

Casey expanded her knowledge of animal care when she apprenticed under one of the top golden retriever breeders in the country and a reproductive vet in Massachusetts.

Casey is happy to be back home in Maryland where her families live, both human and equine.


Casey’s sidekick is a two year old chocolate and tan dappled mini-Dachshund named Roxie. She goes by Rou, or Rox Star but really should be called “The Diva” as she is quite….well, Diva-ish. Roxie only eats raw food, with the exception of cookies. She has studied The Art Of Toy Burial and is now a Master, especially when it comes to her favorite toy, a stuffing-free raccoon.

Roxie has not, however, mastered The Art Of Remembering and gets a bit frantic when she has forgotten exactly where she last buried her toy. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of her running around in the afternoon. When the weather is warm, she makes herself known outside in the barn. However, she prefers to stay comfy and cozy in her Castle.

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